Family Court

The New York State Family Court was established to help determine a limited range of cases, typically involving one or more of the following:

Child Custody
Custody disputes can arise as a consequence of a divorce proceeding in Supreme Court or can be initiated in Family Court.  While there are many factors, which will determine an ultimate award of custody, the applicable standard is the best interest of the child(ren) standard. Accordingly, one parent or guardian will be granted custody after a determination of the best interest of the child(ren).

The goal in any custody dispute is to ensure meaningful contact between a parent and child.  This can be accomplished either through negotiation of a visitation schedule or achieving “joint legal custody.”

Should you be faced with a custody dispute, it is essential to contact me for advice.  I have represented parties on both sides of the custody spectrum and my skills have been vital in achieving desired results

Orders of Protection
Under certain circumstances, namely when a family offense has been alleged, as enumerated in the Family Court Act, an Order of Protection can be obtained in Family Court.  I have vast experience prosecuting and defending such Orders of Protection.

If you are or have ever been in a relationship with someone, are related to another or have a child-in-common with another, and you allege a violation of one or more of the family offenses, do not hesitate to contact me for an assessment of your case, the preparation of our family court paperwork, or your representation in Court.

Conversely, if you have been served with an Order of Protection and are scheduled to appear in Family Court, you should strongly consider consulting me for advice.  I will employ all avenues to vigorously defend you.

Child Support
Support issues arise in both the Divorce and Family Court spectrums.  When parties are divorcing, it is statutorily mandated that the non-residential parent provide child support to the residential parent, the parent with whom the child(ren) resides.

Family Court also has jurisdiction over support related issues.  Accordingly, if you are considering seeking support in Family Court or are faced with a summons ordering you to appear in Court on a support petition, it is vital that you contact me.  You must know what the statutory guidelines are and what your rights and obligations are.

In New York, prior to an award of support, paternity must first be established.  If paternity is not agreed upon, or has not been established in any other manner, the Court employs DNA testing to establish paternity.

I have represented both sides, the parent seeking paternity or the alleged parent challenging paternity, in Family Court.  The knowledgeable and vigorous advocacy I provide will prove beneficial to your case.

All parents, absent drastic reasons, are entitled to visitation with their children.  It is not uncommon for one parent to interfere, limit, or control visitation.  The ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain meaningful contact between children and parent to build a strong bond and meaningful relationship.  If you seek visitation or are contesting visitation on any ground, it is best to seek my advice.  I have prosecuted and defended visitation cases and based on my knowledge of the law, coupled with my skills in the court room, I am able to maintain meaningful relationships between a parent and child.

The Court must first approve a parent who has custody of a child, and wishes to relocate, away from the non-custodial parent.  Absent a mutual agreement to the same, the Court must determine the necessity for the move and balance that with the best interests of the child.  Accordingly, it is vital to seek my advice, whether you are the parent seeking relocation or the parent seeking to prohibit the relocation.  You must have competent representation to best analyze and represent your case.