Collaborative Law & Mediation

People who go through a divorce are usually at an emotional low-point in their lives. Happiness in marriage has turned sour and for whatever reason, love no longer exists. This emotional wrangle is greater when there are children involved. Due to the complexity of the matrimonial laws in New York State, if you are contemplating divorce, you must consult a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

When people decide to divorce, each party typically gets their own attorney. Unfortunately, opposing attorney’s can compound the trauma of a divorce by making the case more about their ego rather than the general welfare of the people experiencing the emotional distress of a divorce. I have witnessed numerous cases that were extended because the parties respective attorneys were more combative than the parties themselves.
At the end of the day, the attorney’s pad their bills and the parties end up financially and emotionally destroyed. Collaborative efforts through mediation can limit the emotional toll a divorce will have on someone.
While traditional divorce (appearing before a Supreme Court Judge) is the norm, I provide counsel and advocate that spouses utilize a modern, collaborative approach to resolve all divorce issues. Through mediation, my goal is to maximize the parties involvement in their case. Educating spouses on the complexity of the law involved in a divorce proceeding, while encouraging them to resolve issues in a neutral environment, can avoid the pitfalls of a long, drawn-out Court involvement where attorney's can inflict more financial and emotional damage. I believe this approach can best serve people who are faced with divorce. Less pain, less cost more direct involvement and less surprises.

Additionally, based on my years of trial and courtroom experience, I have gained insight on how Judges interpret the law. Accordingly, my experience in mediation, knowledge of the law, and negotiation skills will save clients pain and expense by allowing them to settle important issues without involving the court and money hungry attorneys.