Criminal Defense Lawyer Queens, NY

Criminal Defense Attorney Queens, NY

Arraignments: The criminal arraignment is one of the most important, if not the most important, stages of a criminal case.  When someone is arrested and they go "through the system," they are brought before a judge and informed of the charges the State has filed against them.  At the arraignment, the Prosecutor will, depending on the seriousness of the charge(s), make an offer or recommend bail pending the disposition of the case.  The accused will need an experienced criminal attorney to either achieve a favorable disposition for their client, or ensure their client's release on their own recognizance pending the cases disposition.  I WILL provide the experience and diligence your case requires and demands.

Desk Appearance Tickets: Usually with less serious offenses, the Police may issue a Desk Appearance Ticket (D.A.T.)  Rather than go through Central Booking and the usual arraignment process, the accused will be released from the Police precinct after being given a date to return to Court.  When you return to Court, you will be arraigned on the charge(s).  You will need an Attorney to protect your rights as bail may be requested by the Prosecutor and possibly imposed by the Judge.  Even if you think you're given a break by being issued a D.A.T., you will want zealous representation at your arraignment and throughout your case.

Felonies/Misdemeanors/Violations:  In New York State, criminal offenses are classified as, ranging from most to least serious: felonies, misdemeanors, violations.  Felonies, considered the most serious offenses, carry the most severe penalties including a State prison sentence of greater than one (1) year. Misdemeanors are less violent offenses, and carry a maximum of a one (1) year jail sentence.  Lastly, Violations are the least serious offenses, usually imposing a fine or a jail sentence of 15 days or less.  As a former Prosecutor and experienced Criminal Attorney, I am a qualified and experienced advocate for someone accused of any offense.  I utilize my inside knowledge of the criminal justice system to my clients benefit and will achieve the best result possible.

Criminal Court Summonses: Usually pink summonses, which are issued on the street by a Police Officer, are issued in lieu of an arrest.  They can be issued for petty violations and certain misdemeanors.  If issued such a summons, it is important to have strong legal representation, which I will provide, to protect your rights and reputation.

Probation / Parole Violation: If you have previously been sentenced to probation or are serving a term of post-sentence release, your life is not as free as you may think.  Strict behavioral conditions will be imposed upon you by either the Department of Probation or Parole.  Failure to follow their rules, will result in a violation of probation or parole subjecting you to additional jail or prison time. If you find yourself in this predicament, I will diligently work to maintain your freedom.

Grand Jury: In New York State you can only be brought to trial on felony charges after the Grand Jury has handed down a 'true bill', more commonly known as an Indictment.  If accused of a felony, you have the right to testify in the Grand Jury and request that they hear evidence supporting your position.  You will need an experienced attorney to guide you through this process.

Pre-Trial Hearings: If the Prosecution intends to introduce certain evidence against you at a trial you shall be entitled to a hearing to determine the admissibility of that evidence. It is vital to employ a skilled attorney to advocate for you at a pretrial hearing.  By precluding the Prosecutions evidence, one of two things can happen: 1) the people's case will be severely weakened; or 2) the case against you will be dismissed.  In my career, I have conducted several hundred pretrial hearings.  Accordingly, I have the experience your case requires and you should demand.

Trials:  Should your case proceed to trial, you must have an experienced attorney to vigorously cross-examine the Prosecution's witnesses and present a strong, convincing, and successful defense.  The key to achieving this is through intense preparation.  To secure or maintain your freedom and liberty, I will employ all available means including the use of a Private Investigator.  The burden to prove guilt may be on the Prosecutor; however, an individual accused of a crime, and their defense attorney, cannot sit idle.  We must work diligently to ensure your freedom.