Criminal Court Arraignments

The criminal arraignment is one of the most important, if not the most important, stages of a criminal case. When someone is arrested and they go "through the system," they are brought before a judge and informed of the charges the State has filed against them. At the arraignment, the Prosecutor will, depending on the seriousness of the charge(s), make an offer or recommend bail pending the disposition of the case. The accused will need an experienced criminal attorney to either achieve a favorable disposition for their client, or ensure their client's release on their own recognizance pending the cases disposition. I WILL provide the experience and diligence your case requires and demands.

It is critical that a defendant have personal attention at their arraignment. A defendant’s family should not merely rely on the representation of a court appointed attorney who is dealing with dozens of cases during an arraignment shift. That will result in minimal attention to a particular defendant.

If you want to assure personal attention and the certainty of “seeing the judge” earlier than most, you must have dedicated representation during the arraignment stage of a criminal proceeding.

If you or a loved has been arrested, contact the Law Office of Stephen A. Gargiulo to achieve results.