Criminal Court Summonses

Usually pink summonses, which are issued on the street by a Police Officer, are issued in lieu of an arrest. They can be issued for petty violations and certain misdemeanors.

Once issued, the recipient will be informed of a return date for Court. On that date, the accused will appears with hundreds of other people who also received a similar summons. The wait is long and the accused will be shuffled in front of a Judge who will demand a guilty plea or demand your return for trial. Any plea, in the absence of a trained Criminal Attorney, can result in high fines and serious ramifications.

If issued such a summons, it is important to have strong legal representation, which I will provide, to protect your rights and reputation and to ensure that you do not spend any more time than is necessary in Court.

As a former Prosecutor and experienced Criminal Attorney, I am a qualified and experienced advocate for someone accused of any offense. I utilize my inside knowledge of the criminal justice system to my clients benefit and will achieve the best result possible.