Traffic Offenses & Moving Violations

If you receive a summons for a traffic infraction or moving violation in New York, you could be faced with high fines, surcharges, and most importantly points on your driver’s license. Any accumulation of points can result in the suspension of your driving privileges and additional administrative fees imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. In essence, a simple ticket can prove very costly to you. It is imperative that you take this situation very seriously.

In most counties throughout New York State, including Nassau and Suffolk, you should strongly consider hiring an attorney to negotiate a disposition that would save you dreaded points on your license and DMV administrative fees. I have had the opportunity to prosecute these moving violations in the Traffic Violations Bureau. In doing so, I have inside knowledge of the best dispositions to assure you point reductions and minimal fines to resolve these serious situations.

Accordingly, if you receive a moving violation in Nassau and/or Suffolk Counties, it is imperative that you contact the Law Office of Stephen A. Gargiulo, to ensure minimal ramifications to your freedom to perform one of the simplest tasks, operate a motor vehicle.

In the five Boroughs of New York City, most moving violations are prosecuted at the Department of Motor Vehicles in front of an Administrative Law Judge. If you receive a summons for a moving violation in the City of New York, you must contact the Law Office of Stephen A. Gargiulo to defend you and preserve your license.